Lichtspielhaus, 2019

Kalrsruhe (Germany)

Karlsruhe-Durlach cultivates a long tradition in the field of lighting and cinema art. Thus, on the triangular land in the Badener Straße, a cinema house, including apartments and commercial premises, is to be built.

The design has a clear division into a rectangular structure that includes the public facilities and has a residential tower at its head. The ground floor functions as a public square, which can be closed by folding gates. During the opening hours, there will be a cinema, a city stage and a café.

These folding elements shape the entire building and serve as shading elements for the six apartments in the residential tower. The building is intended to create an link to the far-reaching tradition of the play of light and remind us of the appreciation of the play of light as a social event in the 1920s.