Vantage Point, 2020

Illustration for Library Illustrazioni

Each of us encounters various limits every day. Physical ones, but also mental ones. These boundaries are taken differently. But just now, when our life is determined by an invisible enemy, new boundaries are forming for all of us. We are forced to stay in our homes. An inside and an outside is emerging. A new threshold. A new border. The door. The facade.

One can see this border as a physical, impenetrable threshold, which appears thicker due to prohibitions and rules. This border can also be viewed rationally. A house wall that remains a house wall. A door that can be opened. And one can consider this border dematerialized by the constant virtual contact we maintain. Torn down walls. An infinite virtual network without any borders.

Boundaries are more present than ever but also harder to grab. They seem to be physically, rationally or even dematerialized. It depends on the vantage point.

Vantage Point was received with the 'Honorable Mention' award.